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Terms of Use

The Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga website ( (hereafter the “Website”) is managed by the Biwako Performing Arts Cultural Foundation, Shiga, Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga (hereafter “Biwako Hall”). Please read and adhere to the following terms of use before using the Website. You also consent to the following when using the Website.
Additionally, please note that these terms of use and all related regulations may change without advance notification.


Those who use the Website (hereafter the “User”) shall adhere to all laws, ordinances, etc. related to the use of the Website.


Although careful attention has been given to all information listed on the Website, Biwako Hall does not guarantee its usefulness, safety, accuracy, integrity, etc.
Biwako Hall may, without advance notification, alter or delete any information listed on the Website. Operations of all or part of the Website may also, without advance notification, be suspended for maintenance, to address possible system failure, or for other similar reasons. Biwako Hall bears no liability for any damages resulting from service interruptions or alterations or removal of information.
Biwako Hall also bears no liability for any damages caused by any direct or indirect use of information or content included on the Website.

Copyright and trademark

Articles, illustrations, logos, photographs, videos, software, or other such information posted on the Website (hereafter the “Content”) is the property of either Biwako Hall or the entity that has provided the Content to Biwako Hall, and the Content protected by applicable copyright laws.
Except for when use of copyright is permitted, such as for personal use, etc., this information may be used (including copying, modifying, distributing, publicly transmitting, etc.) without prior approval from the copyright owner.


Links to the Website are, in principle, unrestricted, regardless of whether it is for profit or non-profit use. When creating links, please specify that they link to the Website. However, do not create links from any source if any of the following apply or risk thereof exists.

  • Websites containing content intended to harm the reputation or credibility of Biwako Hall or other companies (persons) or organizations.
  • Websites that violate or may possibly violate copyrights, intellectual property rights like trademarks, etc., assets, privacy, image rights, or other rights of Biwako Hall or other companies (persons) or organizations.
  • Websites that do not clearly state that they contain Content owned by Biwako Hall and may mislead third parties, such as websites deployed inside frames (please ensure that links either fully transition the screen to the Website or open the Website in a new browser window).
  • Websites aside from those listed above that pose a risk of interfering with the operation of Website services and violate public order or morality, including laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Additionally, please note that the URL or domain for the Website may change without advance notification.
Biwako Hall bears no liability for compensation or complaints involving links.

Operating environment

Satisfying the following requirements for the Website is recommended for safer and more enjoyable use.

The most recent version of Microsoft® Edge®
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For Mac OS X, the most recent version of Apple® Safari®
For Android 6.0 or later, the most recent version of Google Chrome™
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The Website uses cookies to provide the most convenient user experience and to collect data for the continued improvement of the Website.
Cookies are a mechanism that temporarily records data about a User using a device (computer, mobile device, etc.) to access a website, which said website then sends and stores on the User’s device.
However, personal information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. are not included in the information recorded.
They also do not create any direct adverse effects on the User’s computer.
Cookies from any contracted third parties may be used to understand the usage of each page.
Users can disable cookies in their browser settings. Disabling cookies will not interfere with Website functionality. Please refer to each software application’s help page, or ask the manufacturer regarding how to use the bowser settings.

Using cookies for advertising

Biwako Hall uses advertisement distribution services from hosting services (Google, Yahoo!, etc.)to distribute notifications (advertisements) to Users who have previously visited the Website. Cookies are used during distribution to remember the User’s browsing history on the Website. Additionally, anyone who does not want to receive notifications (advertisements) in this way may disable cookies via the relevant page in order to stop the distribution of such advertisements.

Access logs, access files, and Google Analytics

The Website uses access logs, access files, and Google Analytics to understand usage (access). We use this information to obtain statistical usage information on the Website about pages visited, time spent on each page, the page viewed directly before accessing the site, trends in user page transitions, browser, operating system, etc. The aggregated access data is used to improve functionality and to improve and maintain the quality of the Website. The access data collected does not contain any personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, etc.
Additionally, information collected by Google LLC is managed based on Google’s privacy policy. See the Google website for details. This can be disabled (opted out of) by downloading and installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on” and changing the browser’s add-on settings.
Personal information such as name, email address, etc. when using the Website will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy, which has been established separately.


Some Content on the Website uses JavaScript for a more enjoyable user experience.
If JavaScript is not turned on (enabled) in the browser being used, some Content may not display correctly or some operations may not function.


The service handling personal data for the Website uses SSL encrypted communications (Secure Sockets Layer). Personal data such as name, address, telephone number, etc. entered into the Website is automatically encrypted before being sent or received.